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A revolutionary cut for this apron.

PPE Category IEN 343: 2019

Ultra comfortable, this apron will ideally protect you when in contact against cold. This patented model has a revolutionary cut. So comfortable that you would forget you’re wearing It! The ISOLATECH technique (patented) used for the stomach reinforcement reduces condensation inside the apron working in a cold environment. The wide braces over the shoulders provide an extreme comfort. Thanks to its very robust fabric Nylpêche and the extra stomach reinforcement, this apron will give you entire satisfaction with durability. The shape of the Isoconf apron provides a very good coverage of the body.

 For maximum protection, the ISOCONF apron with can be worn with oversleeves, gloves and PPE classed wellington boots.


Fabric Nylpeche

Nylpêche Fabric Polyester 150 g/m². Double sided PVC coating with a high quality composition 335g/m² Total weight : 485 g/m²


  • UNIQ.

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