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Loyal to our partners

Staying loyal to our partners makes us an environmentally-friendly brand.

  • Some of our suppliers have worked with us virtually since the company was created in 1964. We also try to ensure that they are as close to our factories as possible. 95% or our materials suppliers are from France or Europe. This creates long-term business relationships and it means that the quality of the materials we use remains constant.
  • Some of our employees have enjoyed a full career with Guy Cotten and have seen the company expand and the development of the articles they sew, weld or thermotape.
  • We have been providing certain skippers with equipment for quite a few years and we are proud of these partnerships. 

We are proud of the values we foster of remaining locally involved and loyal to our employees, suppliers and skippers. They have held us in good stead.

 François Bertholom – Managing Director

I have worked with Guy Cotten since 2006. We have a genuine partnership based on trust and friendship.

 Gilles Lamiré – Multi 50 Skipper


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