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Product testimonials

Hello, as soon as they were delivered they were worn and loved… The fleece outfits were great! Our employees are happy to wear quality clothing in our company’s colours, with a “90 years" collector edition. Thank you.

Jeannine LC - 03/2015


Thank you for your service, you really make good equipment.

Jean-Pierre B. - 01/2015


I have just received my Guy Cotten Ostreicole coat and I’m thrilled with the outstanding quality! I am not an ocean fisherman, but I wanted to buy a top quality waterproof coat for my long walks on the Scottish coast, where it rains a little more than it does in Belgium. I happened upon the Guy Cotten brand and it was clearly the right choice!

Sven B.


I love this Dremfarm jacket, waited nearly 6 monthes to get it. The top is breathable and works like a charme. The first truly waterproof jacket I have ever own. Only wish it was esier to get Guy Cotten in the states.

Adam M. I


A few words about your model, which I really enjoy wearing. I appreciate its comfort protecting you when its wet, with its easily removable hood, and in the cold with its fleece lower sleeve lining. I like its low zip pockets and vertical pockets when it’s cold, and also the small vertical pocket with snap fasteners for my credit card…


It's expensive, but I work on a lobster boat during the winter, when the wind chill gets to-40, and my Guy Cotten Polartec Fleece is one of the best investments I've ever made.

Jamal C.


 Hello, we are wine producers in Gironde and I am unable to find your make of rain gear in my size. My friend has one in size M and its quality is exceptional. He stays dry all day long in the rain…

Karine D. Viticultrice


 Hello, my name is Lucas. I am 13 years old and I have just bought a new Isolatech jacket and I’m really happy with it. I’m a great fan.

Lucas LG - 03/2013 


We have just received our second delivery of Guy Cotten bike rain capes. We would like to draw attention to the fact that these capes are an interesting alternative to traditional Vaudé ponchos and they have the added benefit of being made in Brittany and more precisely Concarneau!

Isabelle - 10/2013


I've bought myself a Guy Cotten 'Rollo’ holdall. Frankly, it is a really wonderful bag to take on board. 

Vincent F. - 10/2012 


 I still have my old cotton bag in yellow oilskin, which I’ve had since I was eight years old. It is now 32 years old and the seams are beginning to show signs of wear, but otherwise it’s still perfect!

Nathalie M. - 10/2012 


Hello, just to say that I love your products. Thank you!

Laetitia P. - 04/2012 


Considering how wet the night was, we are satisfied that our all-weather gear is waterproof..

Skipper of Pen Duick VI when he came alongside in Douarnenez, Grand Prix Guyader.


Hi, I would firsty like to praise you on the excellent quality of all of yours products. I have been a full time fisherman since I have left school and I have mostly used your products. The last couple of years, I have been using your oyster Chest-Waders, and I have found one pair will last me approx one year, whereas if I purchase any other makes they only tend to last for a few months. I wouls like to give you some feedback, my only complaint beging that the outer layer is too long. I am 5ft11, I presume for anyone shorter this would be an even greater problem. many Thanks.

 Henry E. - 10/2010


Thank you! There’s no problem, but you’ve made me hesitate between the two. The red Mino holdall is really beautiful! Since I pinched my husband’s AO holdall, I think I’d better quickly buy a red one myself!  Thank you for everything and congratulations on your products which are perfect for all the family!

 Isabelle L. - 05/2009


Many thanks to Piel! The weather conditions got really bad and the water temperature dropped. There was a risk of hypothermia during my swim. Piel sent me this item of clothing and it’s as soft as silk.  With it I lasted the 252 km crossing to Brest. This clothing is ideal and I recommend it to everyone! (Piel is now part of the Guy Cotten Group).

Daniel Menguy, swimmer, during a crossing.


Here’s a small souvenir from Cape Horn. We liked our new flotation jackets all the more in the severe testing conditions: cold, strong winds, hail stones and three weeks of practically non-stop icy rain.  The all-weather gear turned out to be warm, comfortable and perfectly waterproof. It's remarkably designed.

Jean-Michel B. - 04/1974 

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