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Testimonials about Guy Cotten

Winter storms and squalls are most definitely here. Between the five team members of Village Farm, we seem to be speedly working throught numerous brands of outdoor wet weather gear as they systematically fail to protect us from the driving horizontal rain. As Dave likes to say " There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing". However, one name is rapidly becoming our friend. Thank you Monsieur Guy Cotten for making our outdoor work warm, dry and comfortable.

Village Farm - 12/2015

There was a very good report on the Cotten Maison on the France 3 channel on Saturday. Mme Bertholom explained the history of the company very well and it was very enjoyable. At least we saw a Breton factory with Breton workers on the Cotten production site.

Michel B. - 09/2014 

These few words are to congratulate you on the great quality of the brand’s products. They have remained as attractive and reliable as they were when I was a child. I have tried all sorts of brands of jackets, parkas, windcheaters and others, but Guy Cotten is one above the rest. Well done for your products, which have a “Made in France” feel, and long live this legendary brand. As a presenter on a racing channel, I am often in the cold and rain outdoors and I sincerely believe that I’m only well protected in your clothing, which I never hesitate to wear whenever I can..

Philippe L. - 11/2012 

Passing through Concarneau, I stopped in at your end of series store and the Moussaillon store. In the first one, I was welcomed by a charming woman who had tears in her eyes when she talked about Mr Cotten. This did not stop her from doing a good job. In the “Moussaillon” store I also met a wonderful salesperson (tall and skinny with glasses and who knows how to splice a steel cable – those in the know will understand). I am a former user of your products as a fisherman and I would like to thank you for welcoming me to your stronghold.

Olivier P. - 03/2016

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