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Agriculture and outdoor work

Guy Cotten has specialized in personal protective equipment (PPE) for more than 50 years. The company is the European and world leader in protective equipment for the highly demanding fishing industry. We have put our experience in this market to good use to design high-performance clothing for anyone whose job on shore requires real protection! This is only natural for a company based in Brittany; a region whose maritime and agricultural activities are considerable. Indeed, Guy Cotten, the founder of the company, was himself from a farm in the vicinity of Concarneau.

Our clothing is waterproof and tough:

  • We are THE European specialist in high frequency welding. This renders our clothing waterproof and very durable. This technique is the most efficient and reliable solution to ensure the seams of our protective clothing are really waterproof and protect you from foul weather.
  • Our fabric is tough and very reliable so that it will always withstand the requirements of your activity.
  • Quality control and After-Sales Service: everything is made in our factories, from the design of the product to the tools used for its manufacture, to ensure uniform quality. The After-Sales Service is efficient and responds quickly. It is carried out in Brittany in our workshops.

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