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We repair in our workshops

We are responsable actor, because we repair our clothes

We repair instead of changing the garment! This common sense was once thought backward. It is now a principle embraced and broadly advocated by new generations, and adopted by our consumer society.
 Nadine Bertholom-Cotten – President
We have always repaired bibs & braces, all-weather gear, bags, etc. The after-sales service in Concarneau recovers and studies the articles and does what it takes to give them a second life. 
It’s the key advantage of our products, because we have always wanted to keep our expertise in France. Our customers express their satisfaction.
I will remain loyal to Guy Cotten for these values. If there’s a problem, it’s repaired! Before we had that mindset, Guy Cotten had already thought of it. I respect them for that! They are the values of the future shared by two generations, my own and Stan Thuret’s.
Roland Jourdain - Kairos 

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