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Eco-friendly every day

The brand is eco-friendly every day

Every day we make choices to avoid waste and encourage recycling  
The rolls we use to roll our fabrics are kept and reused up to ten times.
We optimise how we mark out the fabric pieces on our folded cloths to avoid too much waste. Some of the fabric offcuts are recovered and reused by craftsmen and designers to make products that do not resemble our own (rugs, lamps, T-shirts, bicycle bags, etc.)

To make “ecological” bicycle bags, we use materials thought of as waste: fabric offcuts, surplus, articles at the end of their life, etc. This waste is then recycled into valuable resources, creating a circular economy.

Patrick Parly - Le Rouquin Qui Roule recovers fabric offcuts at the Guy Cotten factory.





Our fabric scraps are also used to raise the Concarneau factory’s temperature on start-up, reducing the need to consume fuel.  
We recycle cardboard, polypropylene used for fabric cuts, paper, pens, etc.
We favour international shipments by road or by sea
Our new company vehicles are hybrids or electric. We have installed electric charging stations for cars and bicycles on the two production sites in Trégunc.

Electric charging station

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