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Testimonials about sea rescues

Two fishermen from the British Isles saved thanks to the Cotten flotation waistcoat. As they were positioning lobster pots along the coast, their boat hit rocks and sank, projecting them into the sea. They owe their lives to the fact that they were both wearing flotation waistcoats, which enabled them to reach the coast in choppy seas.

They spontaneously told their local supplier about their misfortune as well as their good luck and took advantage of the opportunity to make suggestions to improve the waistcoat. The fishermen in this region regularly wear this item of clothing, with which they can work comfortably. It is a useful item of safety as proved by this accident.

September 1989


COTTEN, the story of a little yellow man and a great fellow, GUY… He was always there, with sailors, even in the depths of a distant ocean where I was splashing about!  Thank you Guy.  

Thierry Dubois December 2013


The survival suits have been a source of miracles: the great risk in these extreme situations is hypothermia. For Raphael D. who had to fight for hours hanging onto the deck of his boat, and similarly for Thierry D, thrown into the water several times as he held onto the rudder of his vessel, then forced to swim when his liferaft overturned and then deflated, the watertight survival suit saved their lives. In water at 2°C, the chances of staying alive did not exceed ten minutes. Thanks to their Guy Cotten survival suits, Raphael and Thierry were able to hang on for several days in constantly wet and cold conditions. Thierry’s TPS suit was given to him after his win in the Mini-Transat in 1993. 

Mer et Océan magazine - Vendée Globe 1997


Paul Meilhat saved! The story of the rescue in this video - 14 December 2015

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