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We create clothes that last

Responsable actor, because we create clothes that last


This has been Guy Cotten’s approach and conviction for a very long time and we have never forsaken the idea despite market requirements that advised wearing throwaway clothes!
Nadine Bertholom-Cotten - President
  • We aim primarily to create comfortable, effective, good quality protective clothing that lasts. We are proud to provide tough timeless clothes. There is no planned obsolescence, our approach saves money. It is also a way of reducing waste and the need to reprocess.
  • We are the only undisputed European expert in high frequency welding (HF) and thermotaping membrane fabrics. Since the outset, Guy Cotten have been using the most effective and reliable techniques to waterproof the seams of protective clothing. From the design of the product to the mould for manufacturing it, everything is made in our factories.
  • Some of our fabrics are developed exclusively for Guy Cotten and are ideal for the extreme requirements of harsh working conditions: Commercial fishing, oyster farming, etc. All these working conditions are different and they require a specially tailored high-performance fabric.

Guy Cotten is a front runner and we have worked with them from the start. We feel confident on our explorations, since poor quality equipment takes up space and doesn’t last!  Their waterproof bags have travelled with us on all our explorations in the last 10 years.

Ghislain Bardout and Emmanuelle Périé-Bardout, Under The Pole

Guy Cotten clothing performs well for weeks and even months when I’m on a round the world.  Their signature mark is to make gear that lasts. You could find ecological clothing by Guy Cotten long before it was even fashionable. It’s the past, present and future of Guy Cotten.  

François Gabart



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