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We expand our facilities in our région

The brand expand her facilities inside its walls


Our new factory was built to accommodate our growth, while maintaining jobs in Brittany and the expertise of our brand in France, and it is environmentally friendly. We designed an innovative high-performance building, installing solar panels to produce and consume our own power locally.
 Nadine Bertholom-Cotten - President
We consume the power produced by the 600 m² of solar panels on the roof, for the use of the building: lights, ventilation, production equipment, in line with our ecological transition.
We decided to install solar panels made in France.
The factory is extremely well thermally and acoustically insulated
The fabric storage, cutting, assembly, quality control and prototype areas have been reorganised to optimise production processes and reduce the amount of movement from one to another.
The new workshop matches the mindset! Well done! Guy Cotten is in tune with the today’s world which seeks to use local supply circuits.
Gwénolé Gahinet

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