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Guy Cotten After Sales Service Guarantee

The After Sales Service is a priority for Guy Cotten, since we have always sought to make clothing that lasts! It is important for our customer satisfaction, but also for the environment! Less renewal, fewer raw materials consumed, and less waste to treat. It is also a way of demonstrating the difference between a brand that has preserved its expertise and those that have chosen to relocate everything!

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For articles made of 100% Dremtech+ breathable fabric 

We provide a special after-sales service:

  • This after-sales service is FREE for one year from the purchase date and the return of the After-Sales voucher stamped and dated by your store. Any possible interventions are covered by Guy Cotten, on condition that the clothing has been used in a normal fashion.
  • For articles over a year old, after examining them, we will make a quotation based on a preferential rate (our priority being the service). Our rate for the main operations will be sent to you on request.

By providing a special After-Sales Service for clothing made of 100% Dremtech+ we wish to provide our customers with the guarantee that their purchases are sure investments.

For all the articles made from other fabrics,

If they have been normally used and maintained, this is how to proceed: Insofar as possible, get in touch with the store where you purchased the article. Ask the store to send the article postage paid to Guy Cotten or send it yourself. After examining it and depending on the problem encountered, the after-sales services may carry out repairs:

  • Either at the After-Sales Service if the defect is attributable to SA Guy Cotten
  • Or at your own cost, in which case a quote will be drawn up and sent to you for agreement

For all shipments to the After-Sales Service, the cost of sending the items is borne by the sender. Any item sent postage due will be systematically refused. Depending on the reasons for the intervention, the “return” postage will be included in the quotation or borne by SA Guy Cotten.


For all information, please phone +33 (0)2 98 97 66 79 or contact info@guycotten.com

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