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Manufacturing in France Since 1964

Guy Cotten, Manufacturing in France Since 1964


At Guy Cotten we attach great importance to our regional location and expertise. We have always maintained full command of our production and kept jobs in Brittany. Furthermore, we made the courageous step of building a 4,500 m² clothing factory in Trégunc, Finistère, which came into operation in May 2019. 

The new 4,500 m² factory fulfils our chief goal of producing and consuming locally, and operating responsibly, while constantly innovating to create high-performance clothing.

 Nadine Bertholom-Cotten - President

Guy Cotten has stepped up its manufacturing in France to meet the growing demand for high-quality products. More than 70% of its production is made in Brittany and 95% of our fabric suppliers are French or European. 

We have 4 production sites: Trégunc, Finistère, (1 workshop in Pont Minaouet and 1 factory in Kerouel), Landaul, Morbihan, and Madagascar (to meet “cheaper” market requirements)

All our business sites gravitate towards quality and we do our utmost to maintain our brand expertise in France. Our workshop in Madagascar gives us flexibility and adaptability, helping to maintain our business in France, but also to continue to develop and invest in our future.

 Nadine Bertholom-Cotten –President

Our remote workshop in Madagascar compensates, temporarily we hope, for difficulties in recruiting in France. We could easily take on 40 additional workers in our workshops in France.

 François Bertholom, Managing Director

All our clothing is made using the same French or European fabrics, cut in the Trégunc factory (Brittany), and made using the same moulds, accessories and supplies, on the same type of machines. This means that all our clothing is designed and inspected with the same expertise and requirements. (Naturally, none of the clothing made in Madagascar bears the “Made in France” label.)  

This proximity to our production sites means that we can rapidly develop clothing tested in real conditions by fishermen or by seasoned skippers. So we can constantly improve our wear and create new products. We have always made innovation a focal point and this is what makes for that “added clothing extra”.

On our 3 production sites in Brittany:

  • Over 2,000 pieces are cut every day.
  • Over 450,000 articles are made every year.

We have a strong and effective business model, given the current climate. Proven business management.  Gwénolé Gahinet
The business is modern, open to the realities of the world, full of common sense with nothing old-fashioned about it. Yves Le Blevec

Some figures
The turnover is roughly €16 m. We make over 450,000 items of clothing every year. 70% of the company’s output is produced in Brittany. 95% of the materials are supplied from France or Europe. 3 production sites in Brittany, 1 remote workshop in Madagascar. 150 employees in France / 100 in Madagascar. (Equal opportunity index: not calculable)

Guy Cotten covers a large majority of the world market of personal protective equipment through subsidiaries and a very large distributor network. Roughly 44% of its sales are exports.

Our sales subsidiaries: Guy Cotten UK was founded in Plymouth, in 1979. Allowing for Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, it supplies more than 600 sales outlets and equips a large majority of fishermen. It is the leader of the fishing market. Guy Cotten Inc was established in New Bedford (Mass.) in 1986. Its sales are progressing on the entire coastal market of the USA, Canada and Mexico.

GUY COTTEN has been sailing the seas, treading the fields, coasts and city centres of the world for over 55 years. 

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