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Isofranc Nylpêche Apron

Waterproof apron with ISOLATECH reinforcements.

PPE Category IEN 343: 2019

Apron with standard straps.

The ISOLATECH technique (patented) used for the stomach reinforcement reduces condensation inside the apron working in a cold environment.

Large apron with good coverage (3 lengths according to sizes: 105, 110, and 115).

  • Adjustment strap at the waist. 
  • Plastic buckle adjustment of over-neck fabric strap 

 For maximum protection, the ISOFRANC apron with ordinary straps can be worn with cuffs, gloves and PPE classed wellington boots.


Fabric Nylpeche

Nylpêche fabric: Very hard-wearing. The technical characteristics of the Nylpeche fabric provide completely waterproof garments second to none for their strength and flexibility. PVC coating on two sides, easy to clean. Ideal for intensive and even “extremely tough conditions”. .


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  • S
  • M

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