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Allweather gear repair kit.

Pieces of fabric and PVC adhesive.(90g)

 User's instructions

  • Clean the area to be repaired with soapy water, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.
  • Cut a piece of matching fabric to slightly overlap the area to be repaired.
  • The coated side of matching fabric (ie. exterior PVC side) is the one to be stuck to inside of garment.
  • Spread a thin layer of glue onto the surfaces to be stuck together. Leave to dry for 7-8 mins.
  • When glue should barely stick to fingers, place surfaces of material together and press hard.
  • Leave to dry for several hours under heavy weight or better still, in a vice.
  • To reinforce the repair (if required) repeat process with patch of matching fabric on the outside of the garment.

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Colours : ASSORTIS

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    Trousse de réparation

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