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After-Sales Service Testimonials

The After-Sales Service is a priority for Guy Coten, since we have always aimed to make products that last!


I really appreciate the quality of workmanship which goes into Guy Cotten garments. When I bought my heavy duty Dremfarm jacket, I had no idea of their after sales service guarantee. Now that I have needed it and used it, I can recommend Guy Cotten even more highly. If I had caused the same accidental damage to a jacket of another brand, I could well have been forced to scrap it; but for less than 20% of the cost of replacement, it has been repaired and returned to me as good as new - possibly better! 
Needless to say, I am very pleased.
Raoul S. - 12/2021

I have just received my pair of boots and I would like to thank you for your quick response and for looking after my request. Let me reassure you that you have not lost a customer since I will continue to buy supplies from your range.

Julien P. - 12/2015 


I received my well-repaired Rosbras jacket and I would particularly like to thank you for the quality of the work that you have done. I should add that we have been customers for over 30 years and that we continue to value the quality of the products, their elegance and their good value for money.

Liliane O. - 09/2015 


I would like to thank you for your commitment to your customers' satisfaction.

Aldric L. - 06/2015 


I received the L size jacket today. I would like to thank you for the quick response and quality of your companies after sales service. 

 Bernard P. - 10/2014


Thank you, bag received and repaired. Many thanks and congratulations for a quick and highly specialised after sales service!

Marc L. - 04/2014 


I received a new bag yesterday. I would like to thank you for the speed of intervention and the favourable end to my request. I will be happy to recommend your products to people I know. I intend to use your bag the next time I go on a diving expedition.

Patrick B. - 04/2014 


I received the zip fastener today. It was a little long… However, thank you for sending it to me. I will now be able to use my jacket again. I will be happy to buy new Guy Cotten articles if the need should arise.

Guy C. - 01/2014 


I received my repaired all-weather trousers today. The work is perfect. You have even repaired the adjustment system around the hips, although I didn’t ask for this. I can only congratulate you on the quality and the low-price of this servic

Jean-Baptiste D. - 12/2013 


I would like to thank you for the speed and quality of your after sales service, which repaired my son’s jacket perfectly. I am very satisfied with the high quality of your products.

Emmanuelle LB. - 07/2013


In a few words, I would like to thank you for repairing the zip fastener of my jacket, which I received yesterday, and this 20 years after I purchased it! Thank you again for your professionalism and for the quality of your service and the product. Have a nice day.  Best regards,

Lionel A. - 11/2012 


I returned a rain suit whose hood had a problem. I have just received a new one in exchange.  I am sincerely grateful for this. This gesture of goodwill shows your professionalism. Thank you once again.

Marc D. - 11/2012 


My wife and I would like to thank you for the welcome extended to us yesterday, when we dropped in about the repair of my all-weather gear’s zip fastener. Thanks again.

 Mr et Mme Le Floch - 11/2012


I received my new Rollo trolley today, many thanks for your service and your quick response - super service, thank you. You will receive my payment shortly. Thank you and we hope you enjoy your holidays.

Rolland V - 07/2012 

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