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New NYL+ Fabric: Double-sided coating to be even more robust than the Nylpeche Fabric.

PPE Catégory I - EN 343 : 2003+A1 : 2007. 

Perfect for all activities with intense abrasion, like (oyster farming, whelks, crabs, langoustines, hydroblasting, iron industry...).

Easy wearing thanks to its shape and the softness of the fabric.

At the front, the blue fabric "NYL +" is coated on both sides.

  • High and ample cut in front and back.
  • Self-adjusting waist thanks to the elastic gusset on the side.
  • Double layer at the front, and triple layer at the chest and knees.
  • Inside chest pocket.
  • Adjustable tab with Velcro fastening at the bottom of the legs.
  • Inside pocket for knee reinforcements.

 For maximum protection, the X-TRAFORT bib and braces trousers can be worn with a PPE classed jacket, smock or coat.




Fabric NYL+/Fisher

NYL+: Gitane blue double-sided coating: 81 % PVC - 18 % Polyester - 1% PU - Poids total 660 g/m2.
FISHER: Supple. Generous coating on one side. Supple fabric with generous coating making it very resistant to oil, grease, and wear. Very tough and comfortable thanks to the interior textile. Composition: Polyester 9% - Coating: PVC on one side 91%. Total weight: 580 g/m²


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