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Isoclas jacket with more comfort thanks to two major innovations !

PPE Category IEN 343: 2019

  • ISOLATECH technique (patented) reducing condensation under the all-weather gear
  • “MAGIC” hood (patented) that moves with the head. It does not obstruct your vision and does not restrict your movements. It is also possible to wear a helmet under the « Magic » hood.

Snap-fastening elasticated cuffs with gusset. Heavy-duty zip fastener beneath double self-grip flap

 For maximum protection, the ISOCLAS jacket can be worn with PPE classed trousers or bib & braces.


Fabric Classic

Tissu Classic Tissu à enduction PVC 2 faces sur support polyester haute ténacité. Premier prix robuste. Composition : support polyester 50g/m² Enduction : PVC double face (368g/m²). Poids total : 460 g/m²

Colours : YELLOW

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  • XXL

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