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Jacket designed to protect against weather and precipitation. During cleaning operations in professional use, the HERACLES jacket is impervious to chemical mists. Cap Coz fabric for comfort at the top of the jacket. Nylpêche fabric in the stressed areas.

 PPE Category III  EN 343 : 2019 -  EN 14605 : A1 : 2009 - Type PB[4] with the bib & braces.

Greater comfort and safety thanks to 2 major innovations!
The ISOLATECH process that controls condensation.
The “MAGIC” hood that moves with your head.

To take advantage of EN 14605, type 4 chemical protection, the HERACLES jacket must be worn with The HERACLES bib and braces.


Fabric Nylpeche/Cap Coz

NYLPÊCHE fabric: Very hard-wearing. The technical characteristics of the Nylpeche fabric provide waterproof garments unequalled for their resistance. PVC coating on two sides, easy to clean. Ideal for intensive and "aggressive" uses. 485g/m².

CAP-COZ fabric: Durability with comfortable inner jersey Excellent toughness and suppleness ratio thanks to the quality of the plasticizers used in the thick one side coating. Inside textile for better comfort. 480g/m²

Colours : WHITE, BLUE

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