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The DERBY JACKET is the ideal all-weather gear for children for their outdoor activities.

The Authentic yellow oilskin defies time. Il will endure every storm in the playground, protect aspiring sailors during the naval battles of the school year and the long distance holidays sea voyages. The DERBY JACKET is appreciated for its flexibility and durability. Kimono jacket with hood. Zip under snap fastening flap. 2 pockets.

Fabric Glentex

Tissu Glentex : The most popular of our fabrics for protective rainwear users. Excellent value for money. Comfortable, flexible, tough. Coated on one side 320g/m²

Colours : YELLOW, NAVY

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  • JUN.

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  • Children's DERBY JACKET
    Veste ciré Derby enfant jaune
  • Children's DERBY JACKET
    Veste ciré Derby enfant marine
  • Children's DERBY JACKET
    Veste Derby jaune portée par Rose

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