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12 February - Darwin Day, Wink to Victor Rault equipped in Guy Cotten

Victor Rault arrived in Brazil after 18 days of sailing
Départ de l’expédition Captain Darwin qui va naviguer sur les traces du célèbre scientifique Charles Darwin ©Maxime Horlaville

Guy Cotten supports the Captain Darwin expedition

Guy Cotten supports Explore, an endowment fund created by sailor Roland Jourdain and based in Concarneau. The Explore fund gives visibility to new explorers who seek to reconcile technological innovation and sustainable development. Victor Rault is one of these adventurers.
On October 2nd, the Captain Darwin expedition led by Victor Rault cast off from Concarneau in the footsteps of Charles Darwin for a 4-year round-the-world sail.
Victor is equipped with our Kara jacket, Beaufort trousers and a Cap-Coz suit.

To find out more about the expedition: https://captaindarwin.org/fr/

International DARWIN Day

February 12 is DARWIN DAY. It aims to pay tribute to the life and discoveries of Charles Darwin, the famous English naturalist who first described with scientific rigour the biological evolution of species through natural selection, and also serves to promote science in society.

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