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The strongest and most waterproof HV suits on the market!

The reliability demanded by the professional fishing industry has shaped the process of the entire production chain.


We manufacture robust and waterproof High Visibility clothing!

Our requirements apply to all the garments that leave our workshops and concern both High Visibility, industrial cleaning, food processing, agriculture, yachting and leisure activities....

Since its creation, the company has been making clothing that lasts over time!

Creating quality, efficient, comfortable, solid and timeless protective clothing is an ethical approach. Durable products are vector of economy and waste reduction.

        "It is an approach, a conviction that has carried the company for all these years, which we have never abandoned despite the expectations of the markets, which advocated the consumption of disposable clothing!

        Nadine Bertholom-Cotten - President "

        "Guy Cotten outfits are about performance for months on end when I sail around the world. It's in Guy Cotten's DNA to have products that last a long time.

        The ecology of clothing was with Guy Cotten even before it was fashionable. It's in the past, in the present and in the future of Guy Cotten - François Gabart Round the World record holder on the Ultime Macif "


We repair rather than throw away

We have always provided after-sales service based on the principle of repairing and extending the lifespan of a garment rather than simply exchanging it and creating waste. We repair in our workshop in Trégunc garments that come back to us. We also offer kits that allow us to repair any damage that could alter the waterproofness of the garments and prolong their use.

    "I will remain loyal to Guy Cotten for these values. If there's a problem, it's fixed! Before they were integrated into our heads, the brand had already thought of them. For that, respect!

    These are the values of tomorrow shared by two generations, mine and Stan Thuret's. Roland Jourdain - Kairos "

The advantages of PVC clothing!

Oilskin clothing is made of PVC. This material, which is sometimes criticised, actually has some major advantages for the manufacture of protective clothing.

    - A much longer lifespan than other coated synthetic fabrics.
    - Permanent waterproofing that remains reliable over time without the need to add volatile water repellents.

We have all the makings of responsible workwear.



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