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Testimonials from skippers

Guy Cotten has been with me since the start of my projects. I really like the values they communicate.
My clothes are made and designed in Trégunc near Port La Forêt. Since they are close by, I can follow the development of the products. These are perfectly adapted to my requirements and stand up to the most hostile seas in the world. Thanks to the quality of these clothes they keep me dry and warm. I am proud to wear this brand and I recommend it to everyone!

François GABART, Skipper MACIF.


 I have been yacht racing for 15 years in Cotten clothing. The Cotten is generally the radical solution to sailors’ needs. Their clothing is unfailingly well-made, reliable, long-lasting, and waterproof! Wearing a Cotten also involves being in direct contact with the whole team contributing to the design and making of their clothing. When every season comes to an end, we spend a lot of time talking about improvements for the following year. Since the workshops are close by, this means we can respond quickly when clothes are being made or altered – sometimes in just five minutes! 

Thank you to the whole team, I’m very proud to represent Guy Cotten on the Figaro circuit!

Gwénolé GAHINET, Skipper Safran-Guy Cotten 2014-2015


I have been wearing Guy Cotten clothing since I started the Figaro in 2012. I’m very satisfied with their products. When I set off to sea, on a transatlantic or a single-handed race, I don’t need to ask whether I’ll be dry or not. In addition, they are always ready to listen to our requests to improve their all-weather gear! Thank you to all the Guy Cotten team.

Corentin Horeau, Skipper Bretagne-Crédit Mutuel



I love their all-weather gear, the epitome of waterproofing. That’s primarily what we want from our all-weather gear; that and good breathability.
Their clothing is very hard wearing! I’m into my second season and I have no intention of changing this year, despite it being a real crash test wearing their clothing in my profession!
- The jacket is just perfect with its fleece collar rising really high at the back, protecting me effectively from draughts on long tacks at the helm.
- The smock is also very waterproof with strong and reliable cuffs. This is not always the case.
- I’m a great fan of slightly “padded” under layers (Activ), which are pleasant to wear, dry quickly and provide excellent hot and cold thermal regulation.
- The waterproof fabric pillowcase to keep your head dry as you sleep is an original idea.
- Frankly, the sou’wester protects you from everything. I don’t understand why other manufacturers have not understood how useful it is.
- The “AO” bag goes with me everywhere I go, since I sail on optimists. They are waterproof, practical, simple and indestructible!
I’m less fond of the fleece socks whose seams can be uncomfortable.

Gildas MAHÉ


 After rounding Cape Horn in a storm, we were glad to head back home. It was a wonderful adventure. For us the race is almost over since the rudder broke, but we are continuing to act as if… Your all-weather gear really served its purpose. We sailed the entire South and a section of the South Atlantic with it and we will wear right up to the finish. Thank you again and see you soon in Brittany. We will probably drop in to see you.

 Sebastien AUDIGAN - 03/2015


Thank you very much for the lovely message you sent through Denis at the end of the Route du Rhum! Halvard and I are very happy with our new all-weather gear – super – thank you to the Guy Cotten team.

Miranda MERRON - 12/2014  



I would like to thank you for changing the kneepads, which will definitely stand up to intensive use on a mini. I am now sure that I was right to choose to wear Guy Cotten, whose clothing is really made for sailors!

Louis-Xavier L. - 06/2014 


Thank you for the quality of your equipment. We were warm and comfortable when we did the Tresco.

 Jean-Yves F. - 06/2014


Thank you very much for the equipment you gave us. It was very useful on board!

Matelots de la Vie  - 09/2011 


When you’re happy, why not say it? Thank you to the all the Guy Cotten team!  When sailing minis, if there is one area where you shouldn’t skimp, it’s the all-weather gear. So before setting off on the Atlantic crossing, I decided to send my 4-year-old gear to the Cotten workshops for a check-up. One week later, I recovered the smock and the bib and braces all spruced up. The worn pieces were replaced, as were others as a precaution! At a time when it's standard to throw everything away, when customer services are no more than “spaces” in the depths of websites, and the textile industry is restricted by the Chinese Empire, there is still a place for suppliers who do not compromise on quality or service. When you take in a reef in a squall, it’s important to be able to depend on this know-how. Thanks Cotten!

 Lucas M. - 08/2011


Guy, a huge thank you to you and your company! Your trousers:  No 1 in the transatlantic! Comfortable, waterproof and strong. The fleece blanket: Perfect on top or underneath. The Dremtech+ pillow: perfect! Think of stuffing it well. The bags: perfect as usual...

Dominic V.


 I am really happy with all my Guy Cotten clothing and gear. It is obvious, through the attention to detail in each item of clothing, that the remarks from world-class sailors have been taken into consideration in designing the range. The important thing is that after 50,000 miles, I'm still wearing my original clothing, tested by me in severe conditions during the Vendée Globe 2008, and it is stills as good as new.

The gear is fantastic!



A quick word from the Antarctic where we are grateful for your clothing and where it’s really useful.



Heading south, we were increasingly grateful for the comfort of the clothing that you were kind enough to provide us with. The boat will be in the Falklands mid-September and there will be 10,000 miles between the Roaring Forties and the Furious Fifties. We will be in Australia in early April. 



 I had the opportunity to wear my new all-weather gear in the wind and rain. I'm very happy with it. Its performance is much improved compared to those made over 10 years ago!  All the best 

JL VDH - 04/2016


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