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Survival suit

Combinaison de survie Norsea

Always attaching great importance to safety at sea, Guy Cotten bought PIEL,

and became the only French manufacturer of survival suits for the Merchant Navy and the fishing industry. These SOLAS certified survival suits are kept on board vessels sailing the world over.

Very soon, Guy Cotten added and inner and outer textile to these survival suits, which made them particularly supple. Orange was selected as the textile colour to make it easier to spot the suit at sea. The plain old black neoprene suits were particularly stiff and very hard to see in the water. 


From the outset, Guy Cotten’s watchword was the reliability of the survival suits: 

- Very easy to don by day or by night. You can slip into it like a sleeping bag.. 
- A very reliable closure system. You roll the back the entrance flap on itself 4 times. Then you clip the shackles on the O ring of the harness. This guarantees that the suit is completely waterproof, and there is no need for a zip!
- Rolling this flap provides extra support and stability, keeping the head face up in case of immersion.
- Our suits are made of neoprene so they are buoyant
- They are guaranteed to last a very long time and withstand wear and tear.

A very high degree of insulation: 

The minimum insulation required in accordance with SOLAS standards is 0.75 immersed CLO. This means that the wearer of the suit is still at ease after 6 hours of immersion in water of a temperature between 0°C and 2°C (the internal body temperature of the person will not have dropped more than 2°, 6 hours later).

Periodical checks must be carried out on the suit


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