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Success of the Guy Cotten gricultural market range!

Success of the Guy Cotten agricultural market range, in Ireland!
The Irish agricultural “Ploughing” fair, the biggest event of its kind in Europe, is held in the heart of rural Ireland.
he popularity of the stand confirmed that Guy Cotten’s quality and comfort image is a strong in the countryside as it is in other sectors.  
Irish users were quick to notice the difference between standard protective clothing and Guy Cotten’s protective wear.
Among the hundreds of thousands of visitors, a large number stopped at the stand to choose or renew their protective equipment.
Prospects are looking good for the brand’s development.
The articles that were asked for or drew the most attention were indisputably
- The Isoder Jacket which has a “MAGIC” hood that moves with your head and benefits from the Isolatech technique which makes it particularly comfortable while controlling condensation. 
- The Pouldu Trousers, 100% waterproof.
- Barossa bib & braces,ordinary, tough et waterproof.
- The farm apron (Dairy), specially designed for milking. 
- The Dremfarm jacket and Drembib bib & braces new generation of breathable all-weather gear
Benefits from the HybridPro+ technique
Our expertise in sea-related professions has resulted in us having a strong image of quality and comfort. The ranges developed for work in the country and for the food processing industries, were very successful.  This enthusiasm in farming and similar markets demonstrates the significant position of this sector in the development of our company.  

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