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MAGELLAN Floatation Jacket Iso 12402-5

The Magellan Jacket can be worn at all times providing security at all times.

PPE Category 2    EN ISO 12402-5 :2006 + A1 :2010 - Personal flotation device - Part 5: 50 N buoyancy aid

Buoyancy aid, floatation jacket lined with closed-cell PVC foam and padding in the sleeves. 

  • Crotch straps.
  • Large fleece collar with high visibility hood.
  • Reflective bands on shoulders, around body and arms.
  • Double adjustment at cuffs by self-grip tabs.
  • 2 hand warmer + 2 front pockets. 1 VHF pocket.
  • Removable fluorescent hood in the collar.

For maximum protection, make sure you choose the appropriate size for your comfort and survival.Try on the jacket in a swimming pool to familiarise yourself with how it works and how it behaves in the water. Closed-cell foam remains buoyant for a long time when used normally and does not require any particular care. Do not use the jacket if it is damaged.



Fabric Coated polyamide

Polyamide 100% coated fabric with taped seams for maximum waterproofing. High-performing durable and breathable. Suitable for all outdoor activities. Floatation Foam lining : Closed-cell, non-absorbent, high density PVC foam, highly resistant to compression. Flotation is guaranted even after extended use. Fibers padded lining: 100% polyester - 120 g/m². Mesh lining: 100% polyamide - 80 g/m² (±5%).

Colours : RED

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