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Light, warm and comfortable made from 220 g/m² fleece. 

The Guy Cotten headband is an essential accessory for water or outdoor activities in cold weather.

Made from polyester and elastane, it gives excellent protection from the wind and cold while being soft and comfortable to wear. Thanks to its practical design, the neckband can be worn in different ways depending on the use, whether as a neckband or headband. It is also easy to store and transport and dries quickly, making it an ideal travelling accessory. Thanks to its quality of workmanship and functionality, the Guy Cotten headband is a smart choice for active people looking for a multipurpose accessory to protect themselves from the cold.


Fabric S220

Colours : PINK, BLUE

  • UNIQ.

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  • Headband
    Bandeau rose
  • Headband
    Bandeau bleu
  • Headband
    Bandeau bleu porté

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