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Saturday 15th of June marks the opening of the new Guy Cotten factory in Tregunc

Guy Cotten, in partnership with EDF, celebrates the opening of its latest eco-friendly and innovative production facility.
3 générations aux commandes de la société ©Franck Betermin
Visite de l'usine avec les officiels ©Franck Betermin


Saturday 15th of June marks the opening of the new Guy Cotten factory in Tregunc, France, in Partnership with EDF. This 4500 m2 building demonstrates the ambition of Guy Cotten to produce and source locally, and maintain its reputation as an innovative, responsible and competitive manufacturer.

A new factory to optimise and increase the production

The new Guy Cotten factory in Tregunc, Brittany, France, was conceived to increase the production capacities of the company, in order to meet the demands of an ever-increasing customer base in France and overseas. All steps of the manufacturing process are now located within the 4500 m2 building. The raw material storage facilities, the cutting area, the production lines, the quality control and R and D departments are now all strategically placed in order to optimise the use of the space and deliver the most efficient manufacturing process. New high-frequency welding machines have also been added to boost the production output.

A focus on eco-friendliness and improved working conditions

Eco-friendly and highly efficient, the new building was conceived with 3 key ideas in mind: respect and protect the environment, improve the working conditions and raise the productivity.

EDF ENR, a subsidiary of EDF, have fitted 600 m2 of French manufactured solar panels on the roof of the factory. These solar panels will cover a third of the annual energy required to run the lighting, air filtration units, and machinery, which represents roughly the consumption of 40 households.

In addition to this, thermal insulation and soundproofing, as well as a very clever natural lighting system will better the working conditions of all employees. Charging stations for electric cars and bicycles have also been fitted.

Locally produced

In order to maintain a consistently high quality, we work with local suppliers close to our manufacturing facilities. 95% of our suppliers are French or European. Some of the fabrics are exclusively developed for Guy Cotten.

The factories located in Tregunc, in Landaul, and in Madagascar all follow the same manufacturing processes, all use the same machines, and all provide the same level of quality. 70% of the production is based in Brittany and this will increase with the addition of the new factory.

“This building was conceived to help with our growth, while maintaining local employment and protecting the know-how of our brand in France, and with a desire to respect the environment. We have developed an innovative and extremely performant production facility, notably through the installation of solar panels to generate our own electricity “, explains Nadine Bertholom-Cotten, Manging Director of Guy Cotten.

“We are proud to work with Guy Cotten on this project, a perfect illustration of our Plan Solaire. Together with our subsidiary EDF ENR, we are happy to be able to help delivering self-generated power to industrial and commercial buildings for our clients”, says Frederic Cosperec, Regional Development Director for EDF Bretagne.






Key figures

Turnover: 15.9 M

A range of over 300 references

44% of the production is exported

70% of the production is manufactured in Brittany

Over 2000 pieces cut each day

Over 450000 items produced each year

150 employees in France/100 in Madagascar

3 sites in Brittany/1 in Madagascar

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