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Guy Cotten, Man story and loyalty

History has been written through meetings and loyal relationships over time since the company was created

We prioritise durable relationships with our suppliers, this allows to maintain a constant quality of raw materials but also with our resellers to establish bases of an extensive distribution network for Guy Cotten end users.

“We are proud of our proximity values and loyalty towards our employees, suppliers and skippers. These values and customer’s loyalty allow us to persist “François Bertholom- General

Guy Cotten has been my partner since 2006. It’s a partnership of Men, where trust and friendship are reign supreme. Gilles Lamiré – Skipper Multi 50.

Yann Elies, Yves Le Blevec, François Jambou, Roland Jourdain et François Gabart speak freely about their relationship and their loyalty to the Brand.

"I really still hope to make the garments travel the around the planet again" François Gabart


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