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GC Rescuer vest: Optimal buoyancy and absolute comfort
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The GC-RESCUER Vest is our brand new self-inflating life jacket.

We have worked on several elements, bringing significant improvements in terms of comfort of use and safety!

The selected trigger system, UML Elite Pro, has the particularity and the great advantage of limiting unexpected triggering. The screwable plastic capsule contains a paper element which dissolves on contact with water. This process is particularly well adapted to the humidity conditions encountered in commercial fishing. Indeed, the very humid environment in which the fishermen work, requires that the system is not ultra sensitive to humidity so that the lungs do not deploy in the middle of the fishing phase!

The GC-RESCUER is the only vest on the market offering a transparent window facing the body to prevent premature wear of the window.
This has been specially designed to allow the state of the trigger system  to be checked without having to open the vest casing.
Indeed, the UML Elite Pro automatic trigger makes it possible to visually check the presence of the trigger capsule but also of the Co² bottle and that it is full of gas, thus eliminating the possibility of accidentally installing an empty gas bottle.

The design of this new model is characterized by its ergonomics and small size. Thus, worn very high on the chest, it promotes ease of movement and guarantees great comfort in prolonged use. Our ultra-resistant “Nylpêche” material (yellow) guarantees long-lasting use on the most stressed part, even under extreme conditions of use such as commercial fishing. The “Glentex” material (black) at the collar guarantees flexibility and essential comfort for long hours of daily use.








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