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François Gabart's solo round the world race

François Gabart, aboard the MACIF trimaran, rounded Cape Horn and set the absolute record* for crossing the Pacific!
Tour du monde Francois Gabart
François Gabart sur le Trimaran Macif/François Gabart on the Trimaran Macif ©V. Curutchet/ALeA/Macif

François Gabart is racking up the performances on his solo round the world record attempt:

This Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 13:20 (French time), the skipper of the MACIF trimaran crossed the longitude of Cape Horn, 29 days 03 hours and 15 minutes after crossing the start line in Ushant, the second absolute time in history, solo and crew combined, since only Francis Joyon and his IDEC Sport crew did better last year in 26 days 15 hours and 45 minutes.

The MACIF trimaran improves on the reference time for solo sailing between Ushant and Cape Horn, held since 2016 by Thomas Coville (31 days 11 hours and 30 minutes) by 2 days 08 hours and 15 minutes. This performance is all the more remarkable in that it sets a new absolute record (solo and crew combined) for the South Pacific crossing (Tasmania-Cape Horn) in 7 days 15 hours and 15 minutes*, better than the 7 days 21 hours 13 minutes and 31 seconds of IDEC Sport last year (Thomas Coville took 8 days 18 hours 28 minutes 45 seconds).

However, the final objective of this round the world race is to beat Thomas Coville's solo round the world record (49 days 3 hours 4 minutes and 28 seconds). To achieve this, François Gabart will have to sail up the Atlantic in less than 20 days to arrive in Ushant before 23rd December.

Date de départ : Samedi 04 novembre à 10 h 05 minutes (heure française)
Nombre de milles parcourus depuis départ : 19 280 milles (soit 35 707 kms)
Nombre de milles restant à parcourir : 7 114 milles (soit 13 175 kms)
Temps de passage Ouessant / Equateur : 05 j 20 h 45 min
Temps de passage Ouessant / Bonne Espérance : 11 j 20 h 10 min
Temps de passage Ouessant / Cap des Aiguilles : 11 j 22h 20 min
Temps de passage Ouessant / Cap Leeuwin : 19 j 14 h 10 min
Temps de passage Ouessant / Cap Horn : 29 j 03 h 15 min
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Texte issu du communiqué de presse du trimaran MACIF


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