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Eco-friendly to protect the planet

Commitments to protect the planet

A positive course of action

Our core business is foul-weather gear and our production is based mainly on PVC fabrics. It is true that this material is obtained with a percentage of oil-based products, but fortunately, it has real advantages compared with the type of clothing available on the market:
  • By nature, clothing made from PVC is waterproof and does not require the addition of polluting water repellents. 
  • During its lifetime, which is much longer than clothing made from coated fabrics, foul-weather gear has no need for any extra product that might disrupt the ecosystem. Its waterproofing stays reliable for a great many years. 
  • It is easily repairable and can be handed down through generations without any notable ageing!

During the life cycle of our all-weather gear, nothing disrupts the ecosystem. A positive course of action compared to the traditional Outdoor wear market!

Values we share with our partners

Along with our partners, we are committed to sharing and communicating common values: We sea adventurers and industrial “explorers” wish to take things a step further in the search for reliability and durability!

EXPLORE, an endowment fund created by the sailor Roland Jourdain, is one of our partners.

The Explore endowment fund encourages initiatives that have a positive effect on people and the planet! It aims to support anyone looking to develop real solutions and to create a new model for society in which humans and nature live hand in hand.
It provides new explorers with the visibility they need to reconcile technological innovation and sustainable development.



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