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BOCAGE Trousers

The only "ONE SIZE FOR ALL" trousers. It self-adjusts to all sizes from extra small to extra large !
Pantalon BOCAGE glentex + veste ISODER vert GUY COTTEN
Pantalon BOCAGE glentex vert + veste ISODER glentex vert GUY COTTEN

ONE SIZE FITS ALL Trousers : BOCAGE and MACADAM ( Registered Design)

Guy Cotten is the inventor of the only pair of protective wear trousers in one size to fit all. The BOCAGE and MACADAM trousers suit practically everyone and fit people sized between XS and XL.
Also available from XXL up to 130 cm waist. They greatly facilitate the managing of shop storage and are ideal for clothing a changing team of workers, where you will always have the right size to hand. Often used for grape-picking, entering cattle stalls, in the public works sector, etc.

Adjustable elasticted waist. Self grip flap fly. 


Standard Size from XS to XL
Large : XXL 130 cm.



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