Automatic and pull cord manual inflation life jacket with harness.

   PPE category III ISO 12402–3 : 2006

Certified EN ISO 12402-3 : 2006. 150 Newtons. Automatic and pull cord manual inflation life jacket with harness. - It is worn very high on the chest to cause the least obstruction possible. -All the details have been studied to ensure safety, resistance, and maximum durability: the whistle and the top-up air tube are protected to avoid wear and tear. Important: - check your jacket regularly, using the top-up tube. - The life jacket should not be folded away without having been dried and rearmed (see rearming kit) - Check that all your life jacket accessories are in place and meet safety standards. Follow the instructions on the brochure provided. Get your life jacket checked out periodically by a Guy Cotten approved Centre.

EN ISO 12401: 2009 – Deck safety harness and safety lines on recreational craft

  • Compact, fits the body perfectly. Unobstructive, comfortable and light
  • It is worn high on the body, which prevents wear, and does not impair movement
  • Easy to put on with a stainless-steel buckle fastener at the front
  • Manual pull cord trigger and mouthpiece for oral inflation
  • 2 tone whistle

 For maximum protection, please check the condition of your life jacket, the trigger devices and its servicing date. To protect the trigger bobbin/pill from dissolving prematurely due to hight temperatures/atmospheric humidity, adapt the regularity with which you change these bobbins/pills.Annual servicing is a must. Have your jacket serviced by one of the approved GUY COTTEN servicing stations.A neoprene cuff (sold on option) can be adapted to prevent the buckle catching.


Fabric Other

Colours : NAVY

  • UNIQ.

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