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BARAKA Waistcoat

For security at all times!

PPE Category 2    EN ISO 12402-5 :2006 + A1 :2010 - Personal flotation device - Part 5: 50 N buoyancy aid

Acrylic fur lined buoyancy aid waistcoat. Warm, light and comfortable, it will not restrict your movements.

  • Added strap on the back to maintain person.
  • Reflective bands on shoulders and in the back.
  • Crotch line. 

Composition : Polyamide outer fabric. PVC closed cell foam for reliability and durability.

For maximum protection, make sure you choose the appropriate size for your comfort and survival.
Try on the jacket in a swimming pool to familiarise yourself with how it works and how it behaves in the water. Closed-cell foam remains buoyant for a long time when used normally and does not require any particular care. Do not use the jacket if it is damaged.


Fabric Coated polyamide

Coated Polyamide : Strong high-performing breathable fabric. Suitable for all outdoor activities


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